What happens during an appointment?

Community acupuncture is a more informal treatment experience than a private one-on-one session.  Treatments are provided in a group setting, with respect for one another’s privacy while creating a supportive community.

It is best if you wear clothing that can be pulled up over your knees & elbows, but we can work with just about anything. Whether you have made an appointment online or come to us as a walk-in, please fill out an intake form when you arrive. It should take you no more than a couple minutes. If this is your first time here, also fill out the half-page consent form.  If you are paying by check or cash, drop your payment in the brown cookie jar. (Please note that checks returned ISF will incur a $35 fee.)  If you are paying by credit card, tell your practitioner at the beginning of your treatment. Take your forms with you to whatever comfy couch you choose. Your acupuncturist will be with you shortly.  Patients who made on-line appointments will be taken at their appointment time. Walk-ins will be seen on a first-come basis, but may have to wait just a few minutes for other patients to be seen. If someone who arrived after you is seen before you are, it is most likely that person had an on-line appointment scheduled. Please be patient with us. It is unlikely anyone will ever have a wait time of more than ten minutes.

Your practitioner will look at your paperwork, do an assessment and start needling. If it is your first time getting acupuncture, your practitioner will talk you through it. Most needles are inserted on the limbs; sometimes we can place needles on the abdomen while still maintaining privacy. Once your needles are inserted, lie back and relax. If you noted a time constraint on your intake form, you will be awakened a few minutes before that time. If you don’t have a time constraint, then you will be allowed to rest for up to an hour. If you find that you are getting antsy or waking up, that is a good sign that your treatment is complete and it is time for the needles to come out, even if it hasn’t been an hour yet. Just wiggle around a bit and look over at the practitioner. You may have to wait for the practitioner to finish up with someone else, but s/he will be with you soon. Once your needles are removed, collect your things and you can be on your way.

Just a few of rules to please keep in mind:

  • Please be mindful of others–speak softly
  • Avoid others’ limbs as you go by them
  • Maintain confidentiality if you happen to overhear something or see someone you know from work
  • Please don’t put your shoes or boots up on the furniture
  • If you use a blanket, fold it up and put it back afterwards

That’s all.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 612.568.2545.

Here is a link to further information from the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture, a national organization based in Portland, Oregon where the community-style acupuncture movement made its start.


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