No KCA August 1

Due to National Night Out, there will be no KCA August 1.

Have a great night and see you Friday morning August 4 starting at 10am-12pm!

NO KCA June 16

Happy summer everyone!

KCA will be closed on June 16, so I can celebrate my son’s 9th birthday! How time flies!!!

I hope this does not inconvenience anyone- please call me directly, or adjust your appointments using the online schedule to make sure you’re still able to receive treatments.

No KCA Feb 28, 2017 due to sickness

I’m writing to say I won’t be treating my private patients, nor will I be treating​ at Kingfield Community Acupuncture on Tuesday Feb 28th. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience, but I don’t want to expose anyone to what I’m experiencing!

I hope you’ve been able to avoid what is a nasty bug!

I should return to normal in a day or so, but I will be in contact!


Acupuncture helps young babies

Acupuncture may help colicky babies

Acupuncture helps young babies stop crying – new research

If you’re a parent, or soon will/would like to be one, crying babies will be known to you.  There can be many reasons for a crying baby, but one that cries for hours on end is not only heartbreaking (and crazy-making), but could indicate a health problem the baby is experiencing, but can’t communicate.

A recent study showed that acupuncture may help babies suffering from intestinal colic. It even showed that one needle, even when compared to a group of needles, may be useful in treating the condition. In children, and in acupuncture treatments in general, more needles are not necessarily better.

Click this link to check out the original article to find out more about the research.

Acupoints can also be stimulated in other ways, and can prove most useful when trying to help children.  Point massage, laser, tuning fork stimulation and other ways to stimulate acupuncture points may help your child stay healthy and treat issues when they arise.

I will be teaching a children’s health class for parents on January 21, 2017 from 1-3pm where I will give more information for parents to help their kids maintain health and provide support for their kids when they do become ill. Topics taught include massage techniques, specific points for maintaining children’s health using a tuning fork, dietary advice.

Click this link to sign up for the class

Acupuncture and herbs gain international recognition

State, federal, and international organizations recognize and regulate acupuncture and herbs after thousands of years of widespread utilization.

Children’s health class, January 21, 1-3 pm

Saturday January 21, 2017, 1-3 pm, Solomon’s Porch 2nd floor meeting room
Click on the BLUE LINK above to go to the class signup page!
Please consider joining me for a 2 hour class on simple treatments everyone can do at home for children, to help them maintain health and even to support them if they become ill.
This class will have a short lecture section on some background TCM info, but the bulk of the time will be spent showing and doing techniques to help kids stay healthy.
Participants will receive a tuning fork that can be used at home to effectively treat specific acupuncture points – kids think it’s fun and love how the tuning fork feels!
In addition to the tuning fork treatments, I will demonstrate some massage techniques to promote health, talk about dietary suggestions for children, and discuss some herbal treatments.
Each participant will walk away with specific tools to actively help their children’s health.
Click on the BLUE LINK below to go to the class signup page!
Saturday January 21, 2017, 1-3 pm, Solomon’s Porch 2nd floor meeting room

No KCA July 22nd and 26th 2016

There will be

no KCA on Friday 7-22-16 due to the fact that I’m moving, and

no KCA Tuesday 7-26-16 due to a performance at the Twin Cities Bass Camp, where my son Henry will be performing – all are welcome to attend! It will be held at Augustana Lutheran Church in West St. Paul, Tuesday evening, July 26th starting at 7pm. Henry’s group will go first, so don’t be late! 🙂

Henry at Twin Cities Bass Camp 2015


Francois Rabbath will again be teaching and performing this year – a wonderful composer and performer at 85 years old!!!, he will again be performing for the public on July 25th at 7pm at Augustana Lutheran Church in West St. Paul.

Francois Rabbath in concert July 2015 with son Sylain at piano

MN hospital uses acupuncture in the ER

Abbott pioneers acupuncture in the ER

Abbott pioneers acupuncture in the ER

This article highlights an exciting use of acupuncture in the hospital ER setting, and marks an exciting development for acupuncturists!

Opioid pain drugs are now admittedly over-prescribed for pain treatment. In an effort to reduce the numbers of patients addicted to them, their use is being re-evaluated.

Acupuncture can now be recognized as an effective and NON-ADDICTIVE treatment to alleviate pain in the body. Acupuncture is not only effective for the treatment of pain.  Acupuncture may have benefits above and beyond pain reduction.