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Kingfield Community Acupuncture is located in the Solomon’s Porch community meeting room on the main floor.

KCA SP view 1

Another view of Solomon’s Porch – the entry door is in the center of the photo.

KCA SP view 2

Welcome to Kingfield Community Acupuncture in Minneapolis!  Thank you for choosing us for your healthcare needs. We offer skilled and compassionate acupuncture and herbal medicine in a comfortable group setting with sliding scale rates that make this highly effective healing system affordable.

$20 to $50
You decide what you can afford!
+$10 paperwork fee for first visit

Hours of Operation:
Wednesday: 5:30PM to 8:30PM – Christian Fetsch, LAc, MSTCM, FABORM
Friday: 9AM to 11AM – Christian Fetsch, LAc, MSTCM, FABORM

**Walk-ins are always welcome and may come as late as 30 minutes before the closing times listed here .**

100 W 46th Street
Minneapolis  MN 55419
In the Solomon’s Porch Gathering Space, on the corner of 46th & Blaisdell
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Contact info:
Phone#: 612.568.2545
Email: [email protected]

Clients have come to us for treatment of :

Children’s health
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Diabetes mellitus: management of type 1 and 2
Digestive issues: with pregnancy, reflux
Irregular periods
IUI/IVF support
Menstrual issues:  Excessive menstrual bleeding, irregular periods, migraine, painful periods
Pain: Ankle, back, hip, knee, low back, period, sciatica
Pregnancy: Acne, digestive issues, elevated blood pressure, miscarriage prevention, low back pain, labor preparation
Stroke aftereffects
Thyroid disorders: hyper- & hypo-